Heat Pumps

Looking for the best way to efficiently heat and cool your home or business? And a way to decrease your heating costs? A heat pump will significantly decrease your heating costs no matter how you currently heat your home. Oil and propane prices will not stay this low and even at their current prices a heat pump will pay for itself in as little as five years and then continue to save you money.  Your heat pump installation may qualify you for a $500 Efficiency Maine rebate (more for commercial installations) and a $200 Maine Electrical Alliance rebate. As an added bonus, a heat pump will cool your house in the summer! No other heat source can do that.

Contact Arthur Ashmore Electric at arthur@ashmoreelectric.com for a quote or more information. We are a qualified partner with Efficiency Maine which is necessary in order to be eligible for any Efficiency Maine rebates and a Maine Electrical Alliance contractor which qualifies you for an additional $200 rebate.

How they work:

Heat pumps don’t produce heat by burning fuel; they use electricity to move heat from one location to another, thus making them very energy efficient. To heat, heat pumps take outside air, extracts the warmer air (by using refrigerants) and transfers it into your home. The process can be reversed to cool your home as well.


  • Lower heating bills – cut your oil or propane usage by 50%*

  • Quiet, affordable air conditioning in the summer – heat pumps are twice as efficient as typical air conditioners and much quieter.

  • Better indoor air quality – heat pumps filter the air inside your home year-round.

  • Comfort – Heat pumps maintain even temperatures summer and winter.

  • Safety – Heat pumps run on electricity, so there’s no risk of gas, propane or oil leaks.

  • Excellent return on investment – heat pumps pay for themselves with 5 years!

  • May qualify for $500 rebate from Efficiency Maine and other rebates!

More Information:

  • Heat pumps work at outside temperatures as low as 17 degrees below zero, but they are less efficient. Heat pumps that are 300% efficient at 50 degrees may be only 100% efficient as temperatures fall below zero.

  • *Higher electric bills: Heat pumps use electricity to move heat - so your electric bills increase when your heat pump is running. Even so, your total heating bills will go down by up to 40%

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